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Our Goal

Lokanayagi Adikesavan (LA) Cancer Research Foundation is established for a noble cause, in the fond memory of Ms. Lokanayagi Adikesavan,M.A. Primarily, the foundation encourages and supports upcoming young researchers, dedicated with dynamism and concern for cancer research. Seeing the consistently persistent progress in cancer research in the recent past, the LA cancer research foundation serves as a powerful source of support for the dedicated scientists to contribute by devising curative methods for cancer. En route, it also aims at educating people at large about known carcinogenic agents causing cancer for prevention and early detection for treatment. Secondarily, the earnest goal of Lokanayagi Adikesavan Research Foundation is to help cancer patients of the world to be able to buy medicines at an affordable price, through in-house discovery of pharmaceutical drugs that can completely cure cancer, sans chance for recurrence. This is an ever cherished dream come true, with global collaborations, and support of public at large, for the noble cause. 
This mission is veritably designed for supporting research outside, and gradually in-house as well, to help human lives saved from cancer. We believe that LA Cancer Research Foundation formed in the everlasting memory of my beloved mother, would pave way to avoid tragedies in families, in the future, by helping to cure every type of cancer, regardless of its location of incidence, all over the world. We welcome your great support and aid to carry and fulfill the mission. The gain is surely and sorely intended for development of the foundation targeting Cancer cure (“NO” to Cancer ), and also eradication just like “NO” to Small Pox”  then and “NO” to Polio ” now. We are confident that we would ordain this bliss to click, with the support from everyone concerned.